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Association for the Preservation of the Coelacanth

Ecotourism meeting between the APG and MEGAPTERA Association.


Association pour la Preservation du Gombessa

The inauguration for the new Coelacanth Center in Moroni, Comoros was held March 31, 2011 and was said to be an extraordinary success.  It was attended by the Vice President of the Union of the Comoros, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Defense, the Perfect, and numerous other dignitaries. Youthful volunteers and the men and woman of the village contributed to the terrific success of the day.  Congratulations to all who have worked very hard to make this important tool in coelacanth conservation a reality.
April 2008:
We have elected a new executive bureau composed of:
- President:  Ahamada Mmadi
- General Secretary:  Mohamed El-Had Ali Mohamed Kari
- Treasurer:  Mhadji Hassani
- Financial assistant:  Keldi Mohamed
- Coordinator:  Mohamed Ali
- Founding Members : Said Ahamada et Hassane Djambaé
The Global Environment Facility Small Grant Program will generously provide $45,000 USD in funding which will allow the APG to finish construction of the coelacanth center in the village of Itsoundzou, Grande Comore and to run the center for a year.  For more information on the GEF Small Grant Program go to http://sgp.undp.org/
November 2006:
We have elected a new executive bureau composed of:
- President: Hassane Bara
- General Secretary: Bourhane Ibrahim
- Treasurer: Ahmada Mmanga
- Financial assistant: Hamidou Mssa
- Coordinator: Saindou Athoumane
December 2005:
The APG has been very active for the past several years.  We have implemented two major projects.
The first deals with alternative fishing livelihood development funded by the French embassy under the local development program of Comoros.  The activities implemented are:
1. The building of a slipway in the village of Bangui
2. The establishment of a fish freezing room in the village of Chindini for food security.
3. The establishment of a fishing gear shop in the village of Dzahadjou.
4. The establishment of 3 FAD (fish aggregating devices) located in Itsoundzou, Ifoundihe, and Bambani villages
5. The organization of training workshops in micro project design and management, organizational development, marine ecology and ecotourism.

The second project is the building of the coelacanth
conservation and research center. This project is only partially funded at this time.  The center is established in the village of Itsoundzou, which provided local material for the building.

In 2005, we voted an executive bureau composed of:
- President: Ahamada Mmadi
- General Secretary: Abdillah Soudjay
- Principal Coordinator:  Said Ahamada
- Financial Assistant: Ahmed Ali
- Treasurer: Moumine Mohamed
There was a meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2002 in Itsundzu between the Association pour la Preservation du Gombessa and a team from the Biodiversity Conservation Project.

Options were discussed to raise funds for the establishment of the conservation park and the building of the coelacanth center.

Three other points were discussed:

1. The elaboration of an action plan.
2. The elaboration of an inter-villagers act.
3. The implementation of awareness activities mainly targeting the decision makers and school children as the fishermen are aware enough about the necessity to protect the coelacanth.

The biodiversity project is ready to fund those 3 actions.
The APG will seek for other funding sources for the implementation of economic alternative activities as ecotourism and motorized boats for fishing.

Present at this meeting:

1.  Mr Michel Vely (BCP)
2.  Mme Faouzia Abdoulhalik (BCP)
3.  Hachim Anderemane (BCP)
4.  Said Ahamada (APG)
5.  Hassane Bara (APG)
6.  Ali Said (APG)
7.  Abdillah Soudjay (APG)
8.  Mze Possi (APG)
9.  Ahmed Ali (APG)
10. Issa Mdahoma (APG)
11. Ali Athoumane (APG)
12. Ahmed Youssouf (APG)
13. Ahmed Djoumoi (APG)
14. Hadji Ahamada Mihidjay (APG)
15. Djoumoi Mdahoma (APG)

Coelacanth Center inauguration--March 31, 2011








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